Florida Fishing Report

Florida Fishing Report

Redfish Invade Ten Thousand Islands

As most of you know Florida was hit with a cold snap a few years ago which devastated our fish population. Most predatory fish suffered a huge die off or if lucky, retreated to deep off shore water to survive. One fish that did not have to leave or face death is the Redfish. Redfish spawn in the Fall and their fry were able to survive the worst winter in Florida’s history.
Redfish do not fear the cold water and can adapt to it quicker and better than most of its shallow water friends. WIth most of the predatory fish out of the system, baby redfish had nearly no predators to worry about and thrived beyond anyones wildest dreams.
Two and a half years later these fry are now 18-24 inches long and growing rapidly. They are moving from the safety of holes and channels to the shallow water flats, bays and oyster bars of our area. This new generation of fish has a couple of traits which really excite me. First, they are a social bunch and really prefer being in schools. Secondly they really like to tail! In years past it was very rare to see either of these things, now it’s almost daily!

Fall Overview
As you may have already guessed I’m really excited about the great Redfishing our area is producing. Fall is definitely the main time for Reds but there are many other opportunities that coincide with this excellent opportunity.

Tarpon fishing also is very good and will continue to be great up until the second cold snap of November. Large Snook are also a big part of Fall fishing in our area and on lower tides these fish will be actively feeding along side Redfish.

SPOTS Reds are most famous for there false eye or spot that tricks prey and predators into believing they are facing toward them with their tail. Don’t let the spots fool you, cast toward the head!

Bonita or False Albacore will be showing up on the beaches throughout the month of October and have slowly become one of my favorite fish on fly. So what are you waiting for come on down and enjoy some of the season’s best!!!!

Sincerely, Capt. Kyle Giampaoli